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about us

Lahanti which is a Santali word means progressive. It attires to facilitate the most-vulnerable sections of the society specially women and children to mainstream of development by bringing social change for their socio-economic development.


With attaining the experience of the social development paradigm for nearly two decades in renowned Civil Society Organisations few like-minded progressive individuals collaborated to make an outreach up-to the last person of the society. For reaching out to counter the social discrimination and injustice through grass-root level interventions with the democratic principle of “Be-by-for” the people “Lahanti” was established in the year 2006.


Lahanti primarily focuses on sectors of Awareness generation, Community Empowerment processes, Community Rights & Entitlements, Poverty Alleviation, Income Generation, Wasteland development, Local Self-Governance and Promotion of Indigenous art & culture through “Indigenocracy” principles.


Lahanti is established to have multi-dimensional approach for socio-economic development of weaker sections, marginalised, vulnerable, deprived, underdeveloped, poor and the most disadvantaged communities through implementation of issue based projects and programs which will bring in positive changes in the lives of the people and society. Lahanti works in Sathal Pargana region which is one of the most backward regions of the country having tribal dominance in population with many poor communities deprived for basics for many decades.

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