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Lahanti  was formed as a “trust” on January 24, 2006 under the Indian Trust Act, 1883. The purpose behind Lahanti’s  formation is to spread the light of development among the people standing on the last rung of the society and conduct public awareness programs among them in the Santhal Pargana region of ​​Jharkhand. The region is tribal dominated  and is still far away from mainstream development.  The tribal society is regarded as voiceless  and due to this they do not raise demands for their development in an appropriate manner. In addition to that, the tribes in general prefer remoteness and with the status of lagging behind in literacy & awareness, political & social consciousness and the  infrastructural setbacks for the larger chunk of this section, the mainstream development remains a far cry. Even deaths from Kalaazar and Malaria in high numbers are still reported from this society, data in NFHS- 5 (2020-21) of Jharkhand suggest that MMR, IMR, NNMR, malnourishment among children and anemia rates among women of this region is poorer than remaining areas of the state and the tribe population contributes the highest for this inferiority.  

Looking externally towards the Social Framework of the tribal society, it seems that there are no inequalities and gender discriminations prevailing. But the insights clearly show the inequalities and discriminations within the society in various forms of social practices, myths, misconceptions and ethos. Gender discrimination, Alcoholism, gender based violence, domestic violence, witch hunting and social atrocities for harassment are some common ones.  

In lieu of the prevailing issues, some eminent and experienced social working women having deep concerns for the tribes specially women & children, social issues and determination to hit upon the problems to better the lives and living of the community, finally laid the foundation of establishing Lahanti which means “progressive”. The development campaign under the flagship of Lahanti started from Kathikund block of Dumka district in the year 2006. 

Lahanti is a team of social engineers engaged in social development activities and pledged to take the society towards progress. Lahanti visualizes to build a society in which women are connected with the mainstream of development and are aware of their rights.  Bringing backward societies and individuals into the mainstream of development by strengthening the education, health care, livelihoods, community institutions, systematize the welfare and social schemes, ensuring the Rights & Entitlements of community members especially of women and children.

Today Lahanti is operating in 6 districts of Jharkhand in various sectors like education, Health & Nutrition, Sanitation,  Livelihood,  Combating Human Trafficking & promoting Safe Migration, Strengthening Local Governance through Gram Sabha, Community awareness programs, Rights & Entitlements, Social welfare schemes, etc. with a priority to focus on women & children. 

For the past 16 years the strategy of Lahanti has been to reach the last man standing of the society. Ensuring community participation in planning their development actions, implementation, monitoring and decision making processes.  The organization is committed to achieve its vision and objectives.

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