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Jharkhand Anti Trafficking Network (JATN)

Jharkhand Anti Trafficking Network (JATN) is a consortium project which tries to counter the challenges of trafficking and promote safe migration policy practices at village level. There is no specific financial support to run this intervention therefore Lahanti is utilizing its own resources to facilitate the objectives of this project in 10 villages of Kathikund block.

JATN project’s core principle objectives are to stop trafficking, ensure safe migration and to attain these the project mission is awareness generation among communities, the Governance structure, Formation of Migration forums and Dissemination of schemes and benefits for labors among community members.

Lahanti within the range of its operation area does aware people about trafficking, risks involved in unsafe migration, elaboration of Govt. schemes for labors, its registration & norms for various categories of labors. These are generally done through community meetings, village meetings, SHG & VO meetings and other groups like adolescents & youths. Some seminars and awareness campaigns are also organized to foster the influential and intellects like PRI members, Govt. officials, teachers, politically affiliated personalities, religious leaders, etc. who can and should advocate for promoting safe practices of migration, safety of the migrants and help the victims and their family members during exigencies.


Highlights of JATN project intervention are:

  • All the 10 villages have formed their Migration Forums which maintains a database of migrant laborer to promote safe migration, ensure minimum security like health insurance, health card, wage payments, interest of women laborer, etc. and counter trafficking cases and exigencies.

  • Enrolment of 120 migrant laborer in E-Shram portal till date.

  • More than 100 Awareness sessions at village, panchayat and block level with SHGs, VOs and other community based platforms on migration and trafficking issues.

  • Policy Advocacy for promotion of safe migration policy through meetings with similar agenda with District, block, Panchayat administration, police officials, Elected representatives, Religious leaders, Political figures, etc. More than 25 such events have been organised so far.

  • Capacity building training of key officials and influential personalities like PRI members, Panchayat officials, etc. to facilitate the Migration Forum and channelise safe migration policy initiatives at Panchayat and block levels.

Human Trafficking:
Case Study


Dismantling Social myths & misconception

Shila (Changed name) 27 years old, a  resident of Barai village of Dumka district got married 8 years ago with Mangal Soren (Changed name) of village Amjhari of the same district. Even 5 years after marriage Shila didn’t conceive her pregnancy. Evil myths and misconceptions prevailing in the mind of  Mangal, his family and other people of the society launched a series of atrocities on Shila through incidences of domestic violence, abuses and mental torturing. Shila was forced to leave the in-laws house and came back to maternal home.

Under the JATN project intervention, Shila was included in the SHG group in the form of a rehabilitation process which is being managed and facilitated by Lahanti.  Shila shared her situation and incidents in the group which later came to the Gram Sabha and Panchayat representatives. With facilitation of the project team a Gram Sabha meeting was organized where Shila’s husband was also called. The project team oriented and sensitized Mangal about the medical fertility, consequences of domestic violence and atrocities along with the intellects of the village like Gram Pradhan and PRI members. Also the couple was advised to consult a gynecologist for safe pregnancy procedures.

 As a result Mangal realized his mistake and took Shila back. They both are living happily and their fertility treatment is going on. The in-laws and other people of Amjhari village do behave and treat Shila in a good manner. Shila meanwhile capacitated herself and earned a job in an NGO. Since then, no such incidences of any misbehaves, atrocities or harassment of any kind to Shila has been reported.



Varun Hansda (changed name) a resident of Kathikund block was a daily wage contract laborer working with a road construction company which deployed him at Sikkim. Varun was earning money for his family but unfortunately died in a road accident in Sikkim. The contractor refused to send his body on company’s cost or pay the due amount to the victim’s family.

Lahanti team along with Varun’s family members and fellow community members of their village approached the Labor office, Dumka with the incident along with the e-shram card and other relevant documents of Varun. The labor office inspected the events and found the contractor and company guilty.

With the collective approach of Varun’s family members, Gram Sabha members and hand holding support from Lahanti, the victim’s family eventually got peace and condolences. By the order of the Labor court, Dumka the Company was forced to make all expenses and arrangements in transporting the dead body and pay the remaining wage amount to the victim's family.  The Labor office also sanctioned INR. 10,000/- for funeral, all rituals and funeral ceremony were completed and later issued the compensatory amount of INR. 3,33,000/- to the victim's dependents as part of insurance cover under the e-shram card. Varun’s family members expressed gratitude towards the support provided during that course of hard situations.

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